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NEEDS & BUDGET ANALYSIS:  Our first topic of discussion is always – your needs. During our first discussion with you, we create a prioritized list of what you want to include in your project. Our interview isn’t complete until we feel we thoroughly understand what it is you wish to achieve. Your budget is equally important. Knowing your needs and budget allows us to more effectively create a design solution that will best achieve your remodeling goals. We can tell you what we think your project will cost, but that doesn’t help us meet YOUR financial goals. Discussing finances and project goals is an integral part of the initial planning phase.

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THE DESIGN PHASE:  Although a design itself can substantially influence price; finishes can have a major impact as well. Thus, from a design and specification standpoint, there are a myriad of elements available that may be utilized to bring together your project needs and budget. Therefore, our first step after visiting your home is to create a scaled floor plan, including specifications, that reflect our understanding of what you want.

Step #3

THE ESTIMATE:  THE ESTIMATE: After creating a preliminary design, we generate an estimate that details all the costs associated with your project including fees, labor, material and shipping. Every price is included – right down to door bumpers.

Step #4

DESIGN REVIEW: When we have completed our plans and estimate, we call to schedule a design review meeting to share what we have created. If we are on the right track, but not right on the money, we utilize this opportunity to work with you to further refine our preliminary design and to modify our estimate accordingly.

Step #5

THE CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT: Finally, we prepare a Construction Agreement, which outlines all details including fixed contract sum, estimated start and finish dates, owner responsibilities, contractor responsibilities, payment schedule, and all other details that will make for a smooth and exciting experience.

Step #6

PROJECT COMMENCEMENT: Once the contract documents have been completed, we immediately begin the process of ordering all materials, elements and components needed to fully complete your project. Once everything has been delivered to the project site, we may then commence work. Adhering to this policy of “getting everything we need first” insures that we will complete your project in the timeliest fashion possible, thereby minimizing inconvenience to you and your family.

Step #7

START TO FINISH:  START TO FINISH: We would like to think that our commitment to quality and our personal integrity will come shining through to you before, during and after we have completed your project.


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